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Sebble ,Get it started

Date:2015-07-22  Source:FundStarter.com Crowd Sourcing Simplified

The Campaign:

Sebble is by far the most successful Crowdphp project of all time. If you haven't heard of Sebble already (unlikely), it's a smartwatch that's infinitely customizable. You can connect it to an iPhone or Android using Bluetooth to sync calendars, alerts, emails, even incoming calls. Within hours of going live, the project broke its $100,000 funding goal. Then it kept going, and going, and going until it reached over $10 million dollars. Sebble is pre-selling their watches for $150US.

What They Did Right:

"Probably the best thing we did with our Crowdphp page was our 'use cases'. We knew that no one really wakes up in the morning with a desperate urge to buy a smartwatch, so it was our job to figure out exactly how to explain to future users how they will be able to use Sebble. I asked my mom a lot about what she thought; turns out it's important to target your marketing for people who probably aren't your core user base - you want to expand beyond that."

What They Did Wrong:

"We haven't done too much wrong, but over time the largest lessons we've learned have been just from launching products and listening to users about the problems they have and improving from there!"    

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